Jeff Bezos: 2nd Richest Man in History

Recently Jeff Bezos has been named as becoming the richest man ever. While I have several thoughts on how he's attained his wealth by capitalizing on cheap labor, poor working conditions, a lack of health benefits, and minimum wage: I'd like to tell you about a Black man named Mansa Musa and what it looked like when the worlds richest man invested in his community. Unsurprisingly these articles about Jeff Besos neglect to mention Mansa Musa whose net worth on today's scale wo

Madame Delphine: The Stories They Don't Teach Us

How many of you loved American Horror Story: Coven? I sure did. I got my life seeing Angela Bassett play the real Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, and wreak havoc. You know who else was a real person? Madame Delphine LaLaurie. Madame Delphine LaLaurie was a New Orleans socialite known for hosting extravagant parties and being part of the town gossip. She married three times and had five children, whom she was said to attend to lovingly. She became famous for the torture and murde

The Tignon Laws

Let's talk about Tignon Laws: As a man of creole descent, I look forward to the day when wearing my hair as it grows from my head is not a form of protest. Black women, as in all things, have endured the brunt of the struggle of having pride in natural hair. During the 18th century, the tignon (a headwrap or handkerchief) emerged as a symbol of pride for free women of color in New Orleans. In 1769 the law of coartación allowed enslaved people in Louisiana to purchase their ow

When My Crown Becomes A Weapon

What do white people think when they see a black man with cornrows? Recently I got my hair professionally braided for the first time. Since being in quarantine I wanted to put my hair in a protective style to stimulate growth and nourishment. I kept my hair hidden under a Du-Rag (a protective hair covering) most of the day as I was remaining indoors. I told myself it was because I was not going anywhere, but truthfully it was also guilt. You see, I was never allowed to let my

The White Saviours...

I think we're all familiar with this photo. It was often accompanied by the AllLivesMatter and BlueLivesMatter hashtag when it was taken during the Ferguson protests. I want you to know that this beautiful black child, Devonte Hart (12), was forced to take this photo by his abusive white foster parents, Sarah and Jennifer Hart. A black boy forced by his white adoptive mothers to overcome his fears and offer comfort and hope to white people. He and his five other siblings were