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A Renaissance Man


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Have you taken a deep breath today? If not, take one now. If you did, take another.

Renaissance Man:

  • A person with many talents or areas of knowledge.

  • The notion that men should try to embrace all knowledge and develop their own capacities as fully as possible.

My name is Christin Byrdsong. I was born in Los Angeles, CA to the home of a pastor and a family of musicians. I knew at the age of 3 that I was born to perform. My beautiful, hardworking mother saw my spark for the spotlight and taught me to sing. She quickly got me involved in the TV/film and modeling industries of LA. 

When I was 6 years old my mother found love again and remarried thus moving us to Texas. It was in Texas that I found my love of the theater. Live theater awakened a new form of expression within me that I greatly value. 

When I was 11 my incredible grandmother bought me my first violin. I had been begging to take lessons since first seeing a recording of Karen Briggs playing with Yanni when I was 2. Something about it spoke to my spirit. When I was 11 there was an after school program for children interested in playing string instruments. I haven't put it down since.

It was my voice and skills on the violin that got me both vocal and instrumental scholarships to attend Oklahoma City University where I studied with the illustrious Pro. Florence Birdwell and Dr. William Christensen.

Since attaining my degree I have been blessed to perform around the world singing, acting, and dancing professionally. I am also starring as a lead character in a TV Show called Conframa on the HereTV Network.

I strive everyday to share the light that is within me with the world.   

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#Euphoria Actor Reveals How That Raunchy Rimming Scene Was Filmed



Christin Byrdsong stars in the hit LGBTQIA+ television series called Conframa on the HereTV network and Amazon Prime in Seasons 2 & 3.


Diversity Equity and Inclusion Consultant

As a black, queer man I have overcome great adversity both in life and
my career as a performing artist. I have devoted myself to using my
knowledge and skills to create the change I want to see in the world. I
believe the world is my family and we each have a responsibility to
facilitate harmony and healthy community in each environment in which
we participate.
With specialized coaching skills acquired through firsthand experience,
research, advocacy, activism, and organized open discussion, I am
equipped to help industry professionals, companies, and organizations
achieve real change. I will help you develop the knowledge and tools
that create real depth in awareness of the motivation of exclusivity and
Some of the things we will address include:
● Language Sensitivity
● Historic Influences
● Racial Bias
● LGBTQIA+ Issues
● Empathy
● The Importance of Allyship
It is proven that inclusiveness and diversity create more effective
results. With my help, I am confident that an environment of support,
trust, and effective communication can be achieved.

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Consulting Client Testimonials

See What Everyone Is Saying

"I am deeply appreciative of how Christin holds space for a supportive, truthful, judgement free environment that fosters genuine reflection and inspires accountability within a community. If you are truly ready to deep dive into addressing diversity and inclusion in your organization, Christin Byrdsong will guide, facilitate, and address difficult truths essential to bringing about growth."

Robert Wesley Mason

"Christin Byrdsong finds a way to do the impossible with directness, grace, respect, and compassion. Over multiple sessions, he peeled back decades of systematic and pervasive racism in our organization, asked and answered powerful questions, and fearlessly led us to connect and think more deeply. I truly feel that the work we are doing to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion has been fast tracked due to his presence and guidance."

Kerriann Otano

"Our organization was so lucky to find Christin Byrdsong to lead our recent Town Hall discussions about race, equity and inclusion.  Christin was open, well prepared, eloquent, and encouraging.  His thoughtful leadership and moderation brought care, craft and a new dimension to our discussions; he challenged leadership and community members to look inward and outward, provided educational resources, and was gracious to provide personal anecdotes of his own experiences in the industry.  

The atmosphere of our sessions changed objectively after we engaged Christin to lead, and he created a safe educational space for people to share, learn, communicate, ask difficult questions, and reflect.  He articulated important points, such as examples of white supremacy, using a combination of personal experience, facts, resources, and examples within our own organization.  I am grateful to Christin for his time and expertise; he is an asset to any organization navigating how to improve itself in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion."

Hailey Clark




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